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Thomas Cothren of New York is a mental health and substance abuse recovery professional who holds extensive experience assisting individuals of all walks of life as they seek to live healthier lives. Thomas Cothren, previously of Fresh Start, has built a reputation within his industry for his dedication to improving treatment outcomes for patients and helping others as they look to discover their individualized meanings for seeking recovery assistance. Thomas draws from his own experience in long term recovery and history of losing over 100 pounds through a commitment to physical fitness to motivate those who are in recovery to create comprehensive recovery goals, pursue treatment options ideal for their specific needs, and stay the course.

Thomas Cothren is well known within the recovery industry for his interest in contributing to comprehensive solutions for improved patient care and health outcomes. Those who have worked with Thomas Cothren of New York uphold that his extensive knowledge of the field and keen attention to detail empower him to develop innovative solutions for patients while inspiring them to build strong support systems, keep up with developments in treatment and care, and continue to make positive improvements in their lives.

Thomas Cothren of Maryland Explores Important Qualities for Successful Recovery Professionals

Thomas Cothren

Thomas Cothren has worked within the mental health and substance abuse recovery space for years and is commonly asked questions regarding what sets up a professional for success. Thomas upholds that, while there are dozens of characteristics that best prepare professionals for the rigors of the industry, there are a few that stand out as the most frequently mentioned. Here, Thomas Cothren of Maryland explores a few of the most crucial qualities for recovery professionals to uphold in their work.


Thomas Cothren, previously of Fresh Start, recognizes that compassion for others is one of the most important traits for recovery professionals. It can be easy for others to pass judgement on an individual who has substance abuse or mental health obstacles, and people in need of recovery are very often stressed and are dealing with a lot of difficulties in their lives. For this reason, the best professionals are those who can properly level with patients and remain empathetic and passionate in their response. The road to recovery is often not a straight line, and patients need people in their corner who acknowledge what they are overcoming and work to provide a supportive environment and innovative solutions for their continued health.


Thomas Cothren

The most successful, efficient recovery professionals attest to the fact that patience is a virtue within the sector. The truth is, recovery can take a long time and may even last an individual’s entire life. In that time, there may be ups and downs as a patient undergoes the process and looks to seize opportunities to live a healthier life. Professionals in the space must be patient as they address treatment and respect the time that the process can take. Working to avoid triggers, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and creating a network of social support among friends and loved ones are no simple tasks, and patient professions help facilitate a judgement free zone that motivates individuals to find their reasons for making (and maintaining) changes.

Communication Skills

Because of the range of emotions that individuals can feel as they undergo the treatment process, it is always best that a professional holds exemplary communication skills on the job. Recovery professionals will work with individuals of all walks of life, personalities, communication styles, etc. and will need to effectively discover the best ways to relay information to them and provide guidance. Some patients may have difficulties understanding the thoughts and feelings of others as they are wrapped up in their own situation, may shut down parts of themselves along the way, or may appear otherwise uncooperative. This necessitates that professionals harness several different communication styles tailored to the needs of their patients and are skilled at conflict resolution methods.

Thomas Cothren of Maryland also notes that communication skills also extend to listening. The best professionals are, therefore, able to effectively and actively listen to others as they share their perspectives, challenges, goals, and needs for recovery support. No one wants to feel as though they are not being heard during their recovery, and listening shows patients that their thoughts and feelings are valid.

Extensive Field Knowledge/ Interest in Learning

Just like any other professional landscape, the mental health and substance abuse recovery field is in a constant stand of evolution as new best practices, technologies, applications, etc. continue to impact development. Professionals, therefore, need to have extensive knowledge of their field and remain up to date with recent updates to be fully effective and successful in their roles. Thomas Cothren, previously of Fresh Start, speaks to how recovery professionals have knowledge of care and treatment best practices, motivational interviewing experience, and more to truly assist individuals suffering with mental health and substance abuse issues. Thomas Cothren of New York also maintains that industry professionals should have a profound interest in continuous learning and honing their skills. The best professionals recognize that expanding the scope and impact of their work can enable them to help even more individuals on the path to recovery.

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Accessible content that provides an in-depth look at various topics within the recovery field is valuable for individuals in recovery, professionals facilitating the recovery of others, and friends and loved ones of those who are undergoing the recovery process. To this point, Thomas Cothren of New York aims to provide content that can be used to better understand the space, its processes, and impact as well as information on several associated topics as well. Future posts inspired by Thomas Cothren’s insights will include content such as mental health/ substance abuse recovery resources, personal/professional development insights, health and fitness information, recent recovery industry news updates, and more.

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